The Town of Kašperské Hory

Kašperské Hory is a town with a rich history. This mountain town is a centre of year-long tourism and is situated near the headwaters of the gold-bearing Otava River. There is a famous dominant of the region mounting over the town – Kašperk Castle, built by Charles IV to guard the land border, trade paths and gold and mineral mines. The town of Kašperské Hory is situated in the Pilsner Region 730 m above sea level and has 1,600 inhabitants. You will be fascinated by the beautiful square with medieval houses. In its gently sloping terrain there are the dominant St Margaret Church, the Baroque Town Hall with information centre, local cinema, souvenir shops, coffee houses, restaurants, accommodation facilities and a stony fountain hidden under the tree tops. The Museum of the Šumava Mountains will remind you of history and life in Šumava in the past. The Museum of Historic Motorcycles offers visitors a marvelous display of exhibits unique in Europe. You can find samples of regional folk production of toys in the Exposition of Czech Toys.

When in Kašperské Hory and you are lovers of Gothic buildings you definitely see the St. Margaret Church. It is a three-aisled basilica built in the middle of the 14th century. It hides a Baroque interior from 18th century and beautifully carved banks and altar made by local wood-carvers. There is the Cock´s Cross called Arma Christi Cross placed here, which demonstrates tools of Christi martyrdom. It originally comes from a near village of Nicov.

We do recommend you visiting one of the dominants of the square in Kašperské Hory, the above mentioned Town Hall. The original building was bought by Jiří from Ložany, the security holder of the Kašperk Castle, in 1539. The present building is in Renaissance-Baroque style, it consists of two stony more-stored houses from the 15th century.

If you visit the Town Hall do not forget to see the biggest Christmas crib in the Czech Republic, which is a unique of the Town Hall. This hand-carved and painted jewel is together with the hand-carved banks and alter in St. Margaret Church a work of local wood-carvers. The Christmas crib is placed in the exhibition hall and can be seen all the year round.

In the Museum of  Šumava you can see one of the most valuable exhibits, a set of late-Gothic plastics from the turn of 15th-16th centuries or a collection of local glass including secession vases. In the exposition of history you will find well-preserved relics of farming, timbering and many others. Especially relics of gold-mining and processing of wooden files and folk production of Christmas cribs which are worth seeing. E/ MUSEUM OF HISTORIC

Exposition od motorcycles
The local private collection of motorcycles and bikes belongs to one of the biggest expositions of historic motorbikes in the Czech Republic. There are many world unique samples, often preserved just in one exhibit. The collection is completed with a collection of historic bikes. Even a high bike made by Kohout firm in 1870 is not absent. The museum is situated in a non-typical space of an old garret up to 14.5 m high where you can admire the work of old local carpenters.

Exposition of toys
You should not miss a privat exhibition of toys in marvellous garret spaces. There are about one thousand exhibits, among them rooms for dolls, cars, trains, marionet theatres, separate marionets and a collection of iron-plated and plastic models of Zetor tractors

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