Velký Javor (Big Javor Mountain)

Velký Javor Mountain (German Großer Arber) is the highest mountain of this mountain range. It is situated 5 km to the west of Bayerisch Eisenstein in Bavaria. The top is built by four groups of rocks: Großer Arber, Bernstein, Richard Wagner-Spitze and Ostspitze. There is a Chapel of St Bartholomeu near the top from 1956. You will have a circular view of many tops of the Bavarian Forest and the Šumava Mountains and two glacier lakes – Großer and Kleiner Arbersee from here. The top is specific with its local remarkable flora, the character of which is more alpine than that one of the rest of the mountains. Großer Arber is one of the most favourite family ski centres in the Bavarian Forest.